LAMP Pictures

UHV ALD reactor
ALD delivery system
ALD UHV reactor with MKS Vision 1000C mass-spec for real-time process sensing and in-situ chemical diagnostics.
Delivery system to ALD reactor with MKS 03mega ozone generator and Mole Delivery Device for delivery of low vapor pressure metalorganic sources.
ALD heater with cap down
Wafer transfer
"Mini-ALD" reactor embeded in UHV chamber with cap down.
View of mini-reactor during wafer transfer from load-lock with cap up.
Details of ALD heater
ALD furnace reactor
Details of 100 mm ALD substrate heater
ALD furnace reactor
Probe Station
IV and CV probe station
Automated probe station for sheet resistance, IV and CV measurements with HP4145B and Agilent E4980A LCR precision meters and Newport precision motion control.
NI Labview interface for IV, CV and sheet resistance (4 point probe) measurements. Thickness, capacitance and leakage maps are automatically computed.
Sopra GES-5E spectroscopic ellipsometer for thin film thickness and refraction index measurement from 190 to 800 nm range.
Sopra GES-5E allows automatic mapping of 200x200 mm wafers and is equipped with microspot, CCD spectrograph and automatic goniometric bench for variable angles.
Multisegment CVD showerdhead
View of multi-segment programmable CVD showerhead
Ulvac CVD cluster tool (no longer in operation). Our original work on chemical sensing and real-time film thickness metrology for CVD processes was achieved on this tool.

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