Access procedure for users


Authorized and qualified users only

LAMP is not a shared user facility. To work in the LAMP research facility, you must have been authorized by the lab manager. Once you are authorized, the lab manager will give you access to the LAMP key card system.

Requirements to access permanent access

Access to the LAMP facility requires the following steps:
  • Written request 
  • Safety training
  • Lab orientation

Step 1: written request

The first step to be granted access to LAMP is to submit a written request (download template here) to the lab manager.This request must include the following information:
  • Full name of the person
  • Social security number (required for electronic key)
  • Position (graduate, postdoc...)
  • E-mail address
  • Phone extension
  • Office address
  • Name of supervisor
  • Research activity (in 2-3 lines max.)
  • The list of the equipment the student will have to operate in LAMP as well as the chemicals that will be used.

Step 2: Safety

Safety is paramount in LAMP. Due to the nature of semiconductor and microsystems processing, activities within LAMP must be undertaken with extreme care and a full understanding of all proper safety procedures. Violations of safety protocols will result in temporary expulsion from the lab. Permanent expulsion will result from gross negligence of the safety rules. This can mean serious delays or even the end of your thesis. You have been warned! The safety training for the LAMP cleanroom includes the following steps:
  • Take the DES New Laboratory Researcher Training course - required training for all new laboratory research personnel, including information on applicable regulations and guidelines, recommended work practices, selection of personal protective equipment, and proper disposal of hazardous chemicals and biological waste. 

  • Take the DES Chemical Hygiene Training course - All personnel in LAMP are required to have Chemical Hygiene Training. For your convenience, this training class is offered on-line (see the DES web page). 

  • Every LAMP user is expected to be familiar with the LAMP general operating procedures and guidelines and to follow these guidelines carefully whenever working in the lab.

  • Use of hydrofluoric acid: users who plan on using HF or HF-containing solutions (such as BOE) must be authorized by the lab manager (more details).

Step 3: Lab orientation

At that time the new user and the lab manager will review the key safety and emmergency procedures and will complete the Laboratory Personnel Safety Check List to ensure that all the procedures were properly followed. Laboratory access is exactly that: access. A user with lab access does not automatically have permission to use equipment in the lab! Equipment access is available only after equipment training and qualification.


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