Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)



You can download MSDS for the gases currently used in LAMP. These MSDS should be carefully read by everyone working in the lab. 

Chemicals MSDS

Chemicals used in LAMP are listed bellow. MSDS are either available on-line or can be found in the MSDS notebook located at the entrance of the cleanroom. Review them carefully. If you find out that a document is missing, please inform the lab manager
Chemical Supplier Volume MSDS
Acetone, 99.9+% Sigma Aldrich 2L download 
Ammonium cerium nitrate Aldrich 50g download
Ammonium hydroxide Fisher 2.5L download
AZ 400K Developer Clariant 1Ga download
Bis-cyclopentadienyl Magnesium Epichem 50g download
Bismuth acetate Alfa Aesar 50g download
1- Butanol, 99.8% Aldrich 1L  download
Ethyl alcohol, reagent Aldrich 1L  download
Gold Alfa Aesar 1g download
Gold etch - iodine Transene 500 ml download
Hafnium tetrakis methyl ethyl amide TEMAH Aldrich 100g download
Hafnium tetrakis dimethyl amide TDMAH Aldrich 50 g download
Hydrochloric acid 30% Fisher Scientific 500 ml download
Hydrofluoric acid 10%  Alfa Aesar 1l  download
Hydrofluoric acid 37%  Alfa Aesar 1l  download
Hydrofluoric acid, ammonium fluoride 6:1 (Buffered Oxide Etch) JT Baker 9lb  download
Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 30% Fisher Scientific 500ml download
Lead Titanium Isopropoxide Alfa Aesar 100ml download
Lead Zirconium ethylhexano isopropoxide, 10%W/V Alfa Aesar 100ml download
Methanol J.T.Baker 4L  download
2-Methoxy ethanol, 99% Alfa Aesar 1L  download
Methylsilsquioxane 35% in mix solvents   100ml download
Nitric acid 70% Fisher Scientific 2.5l download
Octadecyltrichlorosilane Gelest 100 ml download
Phosphoric acid Fisher Scientific 2.5L download
Platinum Alfa Aesar 5g download
1-Propanol, 99.5% Fisher Scientific 500ml  download
2-Propanol Aldrich 4L  download
PZT (PbZrTi) Sol-gel Standard Mitsubishi   download1
Sodium hydroxide Sigma Chem.   download
Sodium silicate 14% NaOH, 27% SiO2 Sigma 1L download
SU-8 developer Micro Chem   download
SU-8 resist Micro Chem   download
Sulfuric acid Fisher Scientific 2.5l download
Tetrachloro ethylene (TCE) 1,1,2 Alfa Aesar 4L  download
Tetramethyl ammonium hydroxyde Aldrich 1l  download
Titanium 2-ethyl hexoxide Alfa Aesar 500g download
Titanium isopropoxide InorgTech 100g download
Titanium tetrakis dimethyl amide TDMAT Aldrich 100g download
Trimethyl indium (TMI) Epichem 50g download
Toluene Fisher Scientific 4L  download
Xylene Fisher Scientific 1l  download
Zinc 2-Ethylhexanoate Alfa Aesar 100gm download
Zinc neodecanoate Alfa Aesar 250g download
Zirconium 2-ethylhexanoate Alfa Aesar 100gm download
(1) Some pdf file might require the installation of the Adobe Japanese language package. You can download it from here.
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