The Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing - LAMP - is a clean-room research facility run and operated by Pr. Gary Rubloff's group. Research activities focus on thin film synthesis via Atomic Layer Deposition, development of nanoscale structures and devices for energy storage combining ALD and AAO nanotemplates, and development and characterization of Josephson Junctions for superconducting qubits devices. (more details on our group website)

LAMP features a variety of equipment for the synthesis and characterization of thin films, including 3 atomic layer deposition process tools for the deposition of high K dielectrics (Al2O3, TiO2), Ru/RuO2 and TiN films, a Sopra GES-5 spectroscopic ellipsometer and a CV and IV probe station with automated wafer mapping capability, and a UHV Leybold XPS surface analysis system.

Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing
2225 J.M Patterson bldg (083)
University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Lab director: Gary Rubloff
Lab manager: Marshall Schroeder (301) 405 5858,

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Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing, University of Maryland - 2009